The Summit

Philip tells Elizabeth that he has heard from someone back home, and that he asked what Elizabeth was doing.

Philip told him. He tells her that he told them about the Chicago trip, the sensor, and that she is dedicated. He says it’s been going on for a couple months.

They are split over the division in the USSR.

PHILIP We believed in something so big. They tell us what to do, but we do it, so it’s on us. All of it.

Elizabeth is meeting with a senator or somebody, then the Rififi guys show up. She asks for info on Nunn’s office.

Gorbachev is on the TV at Claudia’s while they watch.

The sick woman is rasping breath. Her husband gave her all the morphine, but it’s not killing her. She’s in some kind of half-dead stupor.

Elizabeth looks at the artists art and thinks about it, before she does what she has to do.

The woman really kind of starts to wake up and try to save herself while Elizabeth pushes her tongue back with a paintbrush.

Elizabeth seduces the Rififi guy. She is such a player, but we knew that.

Philip goes to see Stavos, to tell him it was actually good to get out when he did. Stavos says he never called the police about the stuff going on in the back room, that he was raised to be loyal.

Elizabeth had asked the Rafifi guy to cary a box into a meeting. He looks in the box and sees a recorder. He confronts Elizabeth about it and she almost has to kill him, but she is shaking, and didn’t kill him.

Claudia tell her to kill Nestrenko. She goes to do it, but starts shaking again.

She tells Claudia, and says that Nestrenko seems like a good man. Philip has gotten to her, with the speach about them telling her what to do. Claudia tells her Gorbachev doesn’t know what they have been struggling for.

The discussion at 49:00 is so rich it must be sipped slowly.

“You were just doing your job”

Elizabeth tells Philip about the bad plan coming out from the center, to discredit Nestorenko.