Jennings, Elizabeth

Beaman searches for Elizabeth Jennings in the FBI Automated Case Support (ACS) database. He finds nothing on her or Philip. He also finds nothing for their business, Dupont Circle Travel.

Beamen visits Philip at work, but finds nothing. He also calls the preacher in Buenos Aires.

Elizabeth reminesces about when she was back in the Soviet Union as a young woman. She rememberss walking around the corner of a building and seeing a man who crashed into a horse and it gravely injured. She did nothing and walked past.

Beaman reveals to Aderholt certain coincidences in busy time, and descriptions and activities. “Regular couple. Pretty wife. Couple kids.”, what William said before he died.

Philip is helping Elizabeth get in touch with Oleg.

Aderholt and the guy from House talk to the Orthodox Preist, not the same one, who tell them about Father Andrei.

Oleg gets picked up by the Beureau.

Stan questions him. They found some “dead drop” code package on him.

Elizabeth has been tailing Nimstov, because she thinks the Home Office is still trying to hit him. She sees a blond woman going to make the hit, and she kills her. It turns out to be Oleg’s ex.

Beaman tells Oleg they are looking for the illegals. He shows him a picture of the Jennings. Oleg shakes his head no.

Elizabeth tells Claudia that she aborted the hit. Claudia tells her she doesn’t know what she’s done. Claudia calmly asks her what is left for Elizabeth, her house? Her American kids? Philip?

Philip goes to see Andrei in a park.

PHILIP She cares about he whole world.

Father Andrei reveals that the other preist is talking to he FBI. Philip leaves immediately, and when he starts running. He is being tailed and an agent with a radio starts chasing him.

Paige comes home and tells her mom that one of her boyfriend’s drunk friends started crying about his life being ruined by an older woman who seduced him. She confronts her mother and asks her if it was her. She calls her mother a whore and says she realizes now that she knew it all along, in some way. Paige leaves and it looks like it might be for a while. It’s quite a confrontation, especially for people who are so often reserved.