Philip has to break the news that he is heading to “Houston” (Chicago). He tells Beaman and has to tell Henry.

Stan starts to see some deep secret behind Philip’s behavior. He approaches him as a friend. Philip tells him the business if falling appart and it has been for a while. He hugs Beaman.

They focus on Stan watching Philip walking away. He seems to sense that there is more to the story.

I wonder how they feel always seeing each other dressed as impostors. Philip arrives in Elizabeth’s room.

ELIZABETH Let’s get something to eat.

They eat in silence.

Hank has to hang out with Beaman more. He has been a bit of a surogate father.

Hank talks to Beaman about the business problems, and tells Beaman “Sometimes they get a problem in the middle of the night.” He says he never met Aunt Hellen, and that they don’t have any other family, other than “Uncle Stan”.

Elizabeth shows Philip the poison pill and tries to tell him how important the mission is. He wants to flush it down the toilet. He asks why she told him and she says “You’re always asking me to tell you things”.

They’re supposed to puck up some guy, abduct him. Not sure who he is, but it’s all about the mission to Mexico. They swap the guy out of his car by blocking the following FBI agents.

Two FBI agents are killed and the guy he is picking up gets a belly wound. He leaves some messages with Philip and takes his cianide capsule.

They have to dismember their co-agent with an axe so she couln’t be discovered.

Aderholt takes it hard. Beaman asks for sketches of the people seen working the mission, Philip and Elizabeth.

Beaman is so suspicious that when he gets home he decides to break into their house. He starts putting the old clues together. Things people said about the illegals that Beaman and Aderholt have been tracking for so long.

The artist asks why she doesn’t know what she drew. She says, through her tortured agony, that Elizabeth needs to bring herself into it, that she needs to get out of her own way. I think she means get obstacles out of her own way, and understand her way as her self.

Philip had been doing self-help. He is doing some of the work of understanding the self and self authorship. Elizabeth has done none of it, only the mission.

It seems to be the theme of why they are showing us her interactions with the artist.

Elizabeth tells Philip that she has to tell Paige about the dead co-agent. She was training Paige. They weren’t close, but this will reveal new information about the risk level that Elizabeth works in to Paige, who still aspires to work in that capacity.

Paige is worried. Elizabeth ask her to commit, to give up friends and her relationships, and her life if she has to.

Paige says she is not afraid to die. She is afraid of being alone. Elizabeth says Philip made a mistake when he committed. She doesn’t want Paige to commit unless she is in it for life. Paige wants to commit. Some undercurrent of understanding is happening in Elizabeth’s mind.

Philip remineces about their wedding with the Orthodox priest.