Philip confronts Elizabeth about the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Teacup, He says he warned Kimmy not to go to a communist country.

Even though it’s just a discussion between a husband and a wife, it is the conflict of the world. Shit is getting real.

Aderholt tells Beaman about the Albion connection, and the agent who was intimate with him. They have been following the accountant and the other agents. Aderholt is tryng to lure Beaman back to the CI dept. Beaman is intrigued.

ADERHOLT They’re trying to look peaceful but really their just tryingto screw us. They’re stealing our technology. We are finding these illegals. It’s happening now.

Henry is willing to get a summer job that he has worked up. He also has some ideas for the business. His friend’s dad is a businessman. Philip is a little hesitent to work at business relations Henry has meet at school but is willing to work with Henry. He is starting to get the feel of a business environment and cooperation.

Elizabeth is working on some film buff kid at a showing of “Rififi”. The director was blacklisted.

Henry pretends to want a cigarrette and then is surprised when his mom is ready to give him one. Not like his getting drunk relationship with Paige. Henry notices something is amis between hsi parents. He has been away and has becoming a keen observer.

Philip and Hank go to an electric car racetrack. Philip has an outburst and Henry notices the stress. Asks about Elizabeth and their relationship.

Elizabeth “bumps into” the kid again. He is an intern for Sam Nun, the senator.

Jackson Barber is the film buff.

Claudia tells Philip that someone in Chicago has been found and needs to get out. He was working on the Mexico operation.

Elizabeth has to go to Chicago for T-Giving.

ELIZABETH You can take your foreign bullshit and shove it up your ass.

She is talkig about Philip’s not pulling his weight on the Russian mission.

Elizabeth is missing at Beaman’s T-Giving dinner. Beaman gives a pro-American T-Giving speech.

Philip starts doing some spycraft, decoding a message.

Tears for Fears: Ideas as Opiates

Elizabeth is going to see the artist, I think. She starts drawing, following up on her homework assignments.

Aderholt is looking for a Russian Orthodox priest.

Elizabeth calls Henry from Chicago to talk to him. He is reading “Walden” at school. She asks if he has any girflriends. He says he is working on it. They don’t really talk much.

HENRY I just don’t really understand why she’s so unhappy.


Philip calls Elizabeth in Chicago to see if everything is alright.

She says she doesn’t know if she can complete the mission without problems. He asks her to come home. She refuses. He says he is coming to help her.