The Great Patriotic War

Mrs. Teacup starts thinking that if her and Genady were in Oklahoma, and if Stan was his freind (maybe keeping him from beating her) things would work out.

Elizabeth is tracking Beaman with a team.

They introduce Paige to the Great Patriotic War and tell her how much they lost, how many Russians died.

McArthur clarified, “You don’t win a war by dying for your country. You win by making the other bastard die for his.”

The Americans supplied 20% of the Soviet economy.

Elizabeth instructs Paige about how to handle men, but then tell her she doesn’t want her doing this. Paige is trying to tell her about what she learned from the congressional intern.

Elizabeth’s team has followed Beaman to Genadies apt.

Elizabeth is optimistic that Paige is “getting” what Elizabeth is telling her about the war.

Elizabeth hatches a plan to drug and hold Kimmy, Philips little girlfriend, in order to get to her father and find out about the CIA meeting with.

Kimmy is Paige’s age. Philip says “She’s just a kid”. Elizabeth makes some not-quite-believable promises. She says she hasn’t asked for much, but she needs this mission.

It looks like Philip agrees to the mission.

Paige is flattered by her new boyfriend, his affect on her friends. His friend get’s beligerent and Paige handles the problem with a few well placed punches and a kick in the nuts. She has to punch her boyfriend in the face when he tries to grab her afterwards. The guy was beligerent and deserved it, the first guy at least.

Philip turns closer to Kimmy and has sex with her.

This artist woman is trying to teach Elizabeth to draw. She says there is a person in there who knows how to see, but you have to put in the time. That’s what time is for. She laughs at the concept of free time.

Elizabeth seems affected by this dying sick woman who is forcing her to look and see and draw.

Oleg runs into Tatiana. She heard he was in town, and had to see for herself.

Tatiana accuses Oleg of betraying her. He says she almost got him killed. They seem to have two different stories about what each other did, but I don’t remember what happened.

Paige goes home and want’s to spar.

A russian director tells Tatiana she did a good job with Oleg.

Paige tells her parents about the fight in the bar. Elizabeth says she can never go back there. Paige says not to tell her who she can sleep with.

ELIZABETH Maybe you’re right. Maybe she’s not cut out for this.

PHILIP She can do it. My point was that she shouldn’t.

Elizabeth goes to kill Genady but Mrs teacup is there. She kills both, then sees the kid watching TV. She has to sneak out. She seems deeply affected. She had been trying to leave before Genady saw her.

PAIGE I don’t think I’m the same as you. I know your are not into what Mom and I do. But I am.

PHILIP Come at me. No really.

Philip probalby thinks Paige has gotten too cocky after beating the guys in the bar.

ELIZABETH and her handler show Paige how to get drunk, prepping with shots of olive oil.

Beaman finds out about MRS Teacup and tells Philip, who recognizes the targets from the description.

Philip tells Kimmy that he can’t meet her in Greece. He tries to distance himself from her. He says he has to move on.

He tells her to not let anyone lure her to a communist country while she is in Greece.