Mr. and Mrs. Teacup

Oleg is talking to Philip.

OLEG: One thing I understand is that they are not crazy. We can never make peace with them. This might be the best chance we have.

Arkady Ivonovich on the new side, looking forward, but he is still the head of Directorate S.

Oleg needs information on what Elizabeth is doing.

One thing that is not clear is why Arkady would need Oleg to find out what Elizabeth is doing if he is still the head of Directorate S and sets the plan?

Elizabeth and Paige are doing a mission on Pantheon, the defence contractor.

Philip confronts Elizabeth about the dead guy when he finds them discussing using Paige to seduce a senator’s intern.

ELIZABETH: He loves you, he loves me. He used to be in to it, but somewhere… something got lost. Forget about the intern.

ELIZABETH: We had a deal.

PHILIP: Maybe we need to renegotiate our deal.

It was like when he renegotiated the deal with the school about his son’s tuition.

Oleg Burov talks to his father about his mother, and then goes on to talk about improving business processes and logistics. He describes it and then says he can send him an algorithm.

Philip has to break the news to Hengry that they might not be able to afford tuition

Elizabeth talks to her fellow agent about following an FBI agent. The Agent turns out to be Beaman. It’s because of the hockey player who defected.

Elizabeth invites herself and the sick man’s wife to the World Series party he was going to with the Russians. It didn’t work out well. The woman puked and the recording was basically empty.