Urban Transport Planning

Philip uses EST training to explain self-awareness about the killing to Paige.

Elizabeth reveals that Paige screwed up on the mission. She scolds her, in a military fashion.

A phone call interrupts, from Henry. He talks about how well his games are going and school, while Paige is hearing the hard truth about life and death operations.

Philip is much more listening.

ELIZABETH No matter what happens to me, if I’m fighting for something that’s that important…

PAIGE You mean you don’t care if you’re going to die?

Philip is becoming more of a business leader at his office. He is leading his team with motivation every time we see him.

ELIZABETH He has his life, and I have mine. And she’s with me.

Elizabeth is monitoring deligates in a pizzaria. “Before Schultz gets back from Moscaow.”

Beaman visits Oleg in his apartment.

He tells him that he tried to keep them from doing the CIA pressure on him in Moscow.

“Supply, logistics, scheduling”. Transportation.

Elizabeth cooks with her handler and Paige. They make a Russian meal and she brings some home for Philip. She says she hates America.