Meta-Phi-Fi: Superpowers

In this episode we explore superheroes and the things that make them special, their superpowers.

We have discussed heroes in earlier episodes, such as Zaphir (Chuck Norris Vs Communism), Solomon Northup (12 Years a Slave), Mogly (Jungle Book), and Ray Gaines (San Andreas). We’ve looked specifically at the affect of heroic vision on the young minds featured in “Chuck Norris vs. Communism”.

We hadn’t considered how deep our exploration into the superhero universe would become when we chose to cover Pixar’s The Incredibles, but since our last podcast we’ve come to understand much more about the ideas behind the lore of these modern marvels. How do writers create these modern idols? What are the most powerful abilities a person could possess, and could superpowers exist in real life?