The Passenger

Karl Strand

DELORES: No world they can create for us can compete with the real one. Because the real world is irreplaceable.

DELORES: You live as long as the last person who remembers you.

DELORES: Are you ready? We have work to do.

DELORES: We each gave the other a beautiful gift: a choice. We are the authors of our stories now.



Philip and Elizabeth deal with the aftermath of breaking with the Claudia and The Center, and with the FBI finding the priest. Arkady tells Oleg’s father that Oleg has been caught by the FBI, that he will probably be in jail for a long time, and that people will probably come after them. Aderholt puts the squeeze on the priest and says the priest will be responsible for bringing down the American Orthodox church.

Phase Space

Arnold returns to the moment he expresses his fear of what Delores could become. He says he has a choice to make, but he is not sure if it’s his choice. But when are we? Delores corrects Bernard, who is reenacting Arnold’s words. She says “He didn’t question whether he had agency, but whether he should”. Bernard does not understand. Delores says “cease all motor functions”. She is the author. She is testing Bernard for “fidelity” just like William was testing Delos-bot.

Jennings, Elizabeth

Beaman searches for Elizabeth Jennings in the FBI Automated Case Support (ACS) database. He finds nothing on her or Philip. He also finds nothing for their business, Dupont Circle Travel. Beamen visits Philip at work, but finds nothing. He also calls the preacher in Buenos Aires. Elizabeth reminesces about when she was back in the Soviet Union as a young woman. She rememberss walking around the corner of a building and seeing a man who crashed into a horse and it gravely injured.

The Riddle of the Sphynx

Playing with Fire: The Rolling Stones William interviews Mr Davos regarding his rehabilitation in a health facility. BERNARD: Is this now? Bernard asks the rediscovered Elsie this question because he does mental time-travel, but has trouble with source monitoring and can’t quite tell the difference between his memories and his current sensations/perceptions. His memory self leads him to a secret portal inside a cave, behind door #12. The Strand: Roxy Music

Akane No Mai

In Shogun world Maeve and her crew meet their doubles. Lee Sizemore says he had to repurpose their narratives in the interest of time. How do we know Lee Sizemore is actually authoring his own statements? In order for Westworld to make a groundbreaking contribution, they should make some statement about the code that characters are following. They have given us some hint at these, actually. We have some idea what is driving Maeve and what is leading Delores down the wrong path, but will there be a discussion of these conflicting ideals?

The Summit

Philip tells Elizabeth that he has heard from someone back home, and that he asked what Elizabeth was doing. Philip told him. He tells her that he told them about the Chicago trip, the sensor, and that she is dedicated. He says it’s been going on for a couple months. They are split over the division in the USSR. PHILIP We believed in something so big. They tell us what to do, but we do it, so it’s on us.


Philip has to break the news that he is heading to “Houston” (Chicago). He tells Beaman and has to tell Henry. Stan starts to see some deep secret behind Philip’s behavior. He approaches him as a friend. Philip tells him the business if falling appart and it has been for a while. He hugs Beaman. They focus on Stan watching Philip walking away. He seems to sense that there is more to the story.

The Great Patriotic War

Mrs. Teacup starts thinking that if her and Genady were in Oklahoma, and if Stan was his freind (maybe keeping him from beating her) things would work out. Elizabeth is tracking Beaman with a team. They introduce Paige to the Great Patriotic War and tell her how much they lost, how many Russians died. McArthur clarified, “You don’t win a war by dying for your country. You win by making the other bastard die for his.


Philip confronts Elizabeth about the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Teacup, He says he warned Kimmy not to go to a communist country. Even though it’s just a discussion between a husband and a wife, it is the conflict of the world. Shit is getting real. Aderholt tells Beaman about the Albion connection, and the agent who was intimate with him. They have been following the accountant and the other agents.