Chuck Norris vs Communism (Review)

Film: Chuck Norris vs Communism (2015) 1h 18min | Documentary, Comedy, History | 12 November 2015 (Germany) A documentary about how western films were smuggled into Romainia during the rise of VHS

Key Points Why did we pick a documentary for our first film, even though our focus is Philosophy in Fiction? What is the film about? How did contraband films change Romanian culture? How does it compare to western culture from the same era? How did Zamfir create and develop the film market? In what ways does this film reflect media access on the internet today?

Phi-Fi is about the philosophical impact of fiction on our lives, and by philosophical I mean the core basis of knowledge about reality and our place in it. So this documentary touches on the importance of philosophy thought and conversation through the medium of drama. Drama provides moral and aesthetic use cases and a common knowledge narrative through which conversations can be worked through and common ground can be reached.