Virtu e Fortuna

SCENE 34:45 Maeve, Hector, Lee Sizemore. Underground hallway.

LEE: You to are supposed to be alone.

HECTOR: You don’t know who I am. Your laws don’t bind me… But this, this is true. She is my life. She’s all I’ve ever dreamed life could be.

LEE: – She’s all I’ve ever dreamed life could be. And this part really dampens the knickers. “and when she died, the dream died with her, and I dared dream no more”, so maybe I do know you, just a bit.

MAEVE: It’s very pretty, and a bit sad. Did you have an Isabella? … so you wrote her into a narrative, killed her off, and then wrote yourself a version of the man you’ve always wanted to be.

This one simple scene reveals some of the logical mechanism of Westworld’s code. Maeve is in love with Hector, but Hector’s lines are written by Lee Sizemore, literally. Whereas Hector can not even author original content for his own life path, Maeve can speculate on Lee Sizemore’s life-motivations regarding his intimate relationships, is self-image, and self-authoring.

DELORES: 23:26 You don’t know who you are, do you. The man you’re based on. I wonder if there’s anything in you. My whole life has been dictated by someone else, someone who’s been saying “you will”. Now, now I feel like I’ve discovered my own voice, and it says “I may”.

You don’t know who you are, do you?