The Abscence of Field

Field theory (psychology) - Wikipedia

Motion and change are measured against some background, field, or “frame of reference”. In the abscence of any such field, any orientation or motion can only be measured or descerned subjectively.

Delores revives Clemintine in Charlotte Hails replicant. A subttle transcription has occured in the writing of the show, in the logic of how the characters work.

Climintine has always been used to demonstrate reminescence, or reveries. A character was encoded with some residue. Although the active memories were selectively whiped from each host, a residual learning was maintained to promote a sense of continuity to the guests. I full, bare metal, factory reset system wipe did not occur.

In many scenarious continuity was maintained in the same body, indicating that tacit knowledge, or personal knowledge, was trained throughout the nervous system of the body. Bodies were recycled with the same character. The Host Control Unit and the sensor/actuator systems were tightly integrated, and the sensor/actuator system could be modified of configured in each host implementation.

A slight exception was the host Clemintine herself, the same one used to demonstrate “reveries”. She was a prostitute, and for some reason could be swapped out with other bodies, and was played by more than one actress. It’s not really clear why such veriety would need to be provided by a single host character name with different bodies, instead of just using different characters, so this must be an allusion to “role playing” sex games provided by a trusted single party, as a way to illustrate character portability to other hosts.

Some of the problems of character portability into other host bodies is illustrated by Climintines distress at being forced to impersonate Charlotte Hale.

Clemintine experiences a system overload from being an imposter, much like the one Maive is inducing withing the War World construct she is attempting to escape.