DELORES: Maybe they don’t have the courage. A strange new light can be as frightening as the dark.

DELORES: Will you bring me back? I’d like to see it again.

Delores seems to be aware of desires, of evaluations of goods.

She also has this continuing context. She has something like altzheimers, but also a residual of ongoing context.

Her evaluation seems superficial. “It looks like someone scattered the stars on the ground”. That is her assessment of city lights, just the superficial appearence, nothing about the structures, the activity, the purpose.

27:00 MIB Your not really a bandit.

Now, for the first time, you’ve go yourself a real revolution. But there’s a catch…

Do you believe in god, Lawrence? If you did you’d believe that everything you did was being watched by some unseeing immortal eye.

It’s just some fairytale to get people to pay their taxes and not take a machete to their neighbors.

That’s why this place exists. They wanted a place hidden from god. IA plce they could sin in peace, but we were watching them. Of cource judgement wasn’t the point. We had something else in mind. I’m goint to appeal my judgement, then I’m going to burn this whole place down.