A big arms summit is coming up. That is what all the operations are about.

Beaman finds out that Oleg Burov is in town.

Elizabeth talks to her old aqauntance who is working on the summit and he says that the Russians have a week hand.

Gennadi is having trouble with his wife Sophia. Beaman plays marriage counselor.

Elizabeth is playing the part of a nurse. The wife is an artist. She is dying, and often in pain. The husband is pondering elective suicide.

McCleesh is going to meet with Elizabeth to talk about the summit.

Elizabeth is sceptical over having to retreive a lithium based radiation sensor.

Elizabeth hints to her handler, who was told she is to ask no questions, that she might not make it back from a mission.

Paige is not as quick of a learner as her mother was when she was young. She made a mistake. That’s why Elizabeth had to kill the Navy guy.

Philip is fully embracing the American work, sales, and entreprenuer ethic.

Paige asks Elizabeth if the KGB ever uses sex for operations. Elizabeth says no, but Paige is obviously skeptical. Elizabeth walks back her denial a little and Paige asks if Elizabeth ever heard of that happening. Elizabeth recomends she limit her reading selection.