San Andreas (2015)

PG-13 | 1h 54min | Action, Adventure, Drama | 29 May 2015 (USA) Synopsis: In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey with his ex-wife across the state in order to rescue his daughter.

Paul Giamatti plays a Dr Lawrence Hayes. His assistant, Dr. Kim Park, sacrifices himself saving a girl, and after the fact the mother appears shortly thereafter to retrieve her daughter. The mother did not thank the Dr Lawrence Hayes. He stood in shock that his colleague is dead. They are shown together in a photo of the Dr Lawrence Hayess office. They embrace in a side hug and put their fists together for the photo. They are very close. Dr Lawrence Hayes continues his mission of creating a predictive system for earthquake detection. They discover a massive quake scheduled to affect the andreas fault.

Ray Gaines is a father recently divorced by his wife and by proxy, his family. The mother is moving in with a new guy who’s replacing Ray Gaines’s role in the family. The new guy makes mentyion to the daughter that he will never try to take her father’s place or get in the way of their relationship. He never had any kids because he was always too busy raising these (buildings). He’s an architect.

Ray Gaines is heralded to the rescue of ex-wife during a courtesy call. He tells her to take as many people as possible to the roof. Blake’s legs are stuck when the earthquake hits. Their in a parking garage, and the driver is crushed in the wreckage. Daniel leaves her in the back, to go for help. The man from the lobby hears the call, and after daniel is dazed from falling debris he suffers a case of amnesia. The man in the lobby goes to rescue blake on a hunch that it may be her.

Meanwhile on the roof. Emma Gains tries to hold it together amidst chaos. She attempts to tell people that a rescue will happen on the roof, but they ignore her and proceed to attempt an escape from the building downstairs. She is the sole rescue.

Blake is stuck and the british bros show up to help pry the wreckage off with rebar. Blake tells the boys to get out and save themselves. However the older brother finds a jack, It jams, but Ben uses the rod to puncture the tires and lower the level of the vehicle. Allowing her escape. Was it altruistic, or could that have been done in Ben’s interest? A 9.1 earthquake.

The pulse rates continue after the quake and Dr Lawrence Hayes and his crew recognize that the devastation will continue. They “hack” the media outlets with the AV club.

Blake and bros look for push button phones and a landline to make an emergency call. The older brother doesn’t bother to mention the events that cause Daniel to become dazed and disoriented. Blake despises Daniel for his actions, and relays it to her mother. In kind, the mother calls Daniel and leaves him a death threat. “Atta Girl”, says Ray Gaines. Daniel is amidst the crowded street when the next quake hits. In a struggle for safety, Daniel strips a man away from a protective wall and throws him into the rolling fray.

The helicopter has a gear box failure from a hit taken in Los Angeles. Ray Gaines controls a crash situation to the best of his abilitiy. The chopper dips up and down, and as it’s about to land a man comes into the LZ and they swerve out of the way and into a pole. They crash into a big box store where people are looting TV’s. They begin to steal a pre-stolen truck and Ray Gaines acts in self defense when held at gun point by an unrelated party. He cracks him and takes his pistol.

Dr. explains a swarm event where the entire techtonic plate shifts. He says get out of SF or hold on tight. God be with you.

Emma Gains: we didn’t move on, we stopped moving. Ray Gaines: she’s gone, your gone. What’s the point? Emma Gains: this is why i didn’t stick around.

I’m assuming that the old man they help owned the airplane they take after trading the stolen truck.

I know you didn’t blame me. I just didn’t know how to deal with malory’s death.

He took her rafting. He saw her die, and he remembers the moment when she realized that he wasn’t going to be able to save her.

I should have let you in. I just didn’t know how. I’m so sorry for how things ended with us. If you couldn’t save our daughter, then nobody could have… Let’s go get our daughter.

Blake wears two of the same necklaces to remember her sister. They find a truck with emergency supplies. Nobody attempts to stop them or take what they have at the site while they scavange/loot.

Younger bro appeals to Ben because of blake’s experience. He then trusts her choice to seek high land.

Ray Gaines does attempt to wrangle people to the side of the stadium, and caries an injured woman while a building collapses. The bleacher lights fall, and the dust shrouds the area. Nobody is injured.

How did you know? Just get up against something sturdy. Protect yourself.

They decide to go around their environment by ocean.

Blake removes a shard from Bens leg and covers the wound. They stagger on.

Scientists remain safe in the lab. They must have found a secure location at CalTech

How the fuck did the couple get a boat?

The tide is rising and falling. Ray Gaines recognizes a tsunami. Blake and bros receive emergency distress signal and sirens begin sounding. They rush to find safety. The tsunami is cresting, I thought those were Tidal Waves? The tsunami is about to clear the golden gate of all through traffic. A large ship comes over the crest as their about to cross.

Daniel is crushed on the bridge.

Blake and Bros attmpt to find safety in the higher levels of the tsunami, and ultimately are safe at a level where the water isn’t rising quick. It seems to stop. But then Ben says the level is rising.

Blake cleans Bens wound. They signal for safety using a laser pointer.

Blake sacrifices herself during the rescue. Ray Gaines cannot live with death of his other daughter, and he is determined to use all of his energy in saving her life. CPR is interrupted by the quake. Ray Gaines instructs Ben to break a window. Mom witnesses. And sees blake. She moves quickly into a position where she rams through the glass. Blake is saved after the all is lost moment.

FEMA is super responsive and Gerraldo isn’t even there talking about how black people are.

Ray Gaines gave his daughter the tools to save herself and others.